Ação 2020 was inspired by Action 2020 developed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). Based on science, Action2020 is drawing up a business agenda for sustainable development for 2020 on a global scale. It is a platform that shows how businesses can have a positive influence on social and environmental trends, while also strengthening their own capacity to resist factors such as climate change, population dynamics and the scarcity of qualified labor.

At global level, the process involved consulting the Stockholm Resilience Center and other social actors to establish nine top-priority areas to be worked on to draw up measurable and verifiable objectives for society (Must-Haves), for each of these priorities.

The Initiative, led by the WBCSD, has been adapted and implemented by the whole Global Network of Partners, organizations that, like CEBDS, promote discussions and sustainable business practices in 64 countries. The stage of implementation at present differs around the world. Some Asian countries, for example have not only worked separately but also developed a regional implantation strategy, as has also occurred in the case of some African countries. In all, 32 countries are involved national or regional implementation of Action 2020.

As Latin America coordinator for the Global WBCSD Network, CEBDS has closely followed discussion in the region, as have other Network partners.

See map of countries that have already taken action based on the Action 2020 project.