Action strategies with which companies seek to meet the challenges posed by the Must-Haves

Business solutions are operational strategies with which companies seek to respond to the challenges posed by the must-haves and at the same time serve their business interests.

Such strategies, to be implemented by companies, include managerial, operational, commercial or financial actions that aim to achieve the objectives of society – the Must-Haves. They should also bring implicit benefits for business, including reduction of operational and value chain risks, access to markets, enhanced reputation, the promotion of innovation and growth, and so forth.

Companies can employ these solutions separately, in collaboration with others, or in partnership with various organizations. The Ação 2020 platform will enable companies and partners to join forces around these solutions.

A number of criteria must be met for a corporate action to be classified as a business solution within the Ação 2020 framework. A number of questions should be used as guides towards meeting these criteria.

Some criteria are required so that a business action can be considered a business solution within Ação 2020´s scope. Some questions must be used as guidelines for the achievement of these criteria.

Business solutions are characterized as shown below:


Does the business solution bring about a significant contribution to the attainment of one or more of the Must-Haves?


Is the business solution structured so that companies that are interested can implement it in a progressive manner?


Can the business solution be replicated or easily adapted to other business or geographic contexts?


Is the impact of the business solution measurable? Are there measurement tools ready to be used?

Beyond business as usual

Does the business solution go beyond what is already being implemented by companies (does it represent a new collaboration, process or technology, among others)?

Led by companies in order to respond to society’s objectives for 2020

Is the solution capable of generating interest and getting commitments from companies or groups of companies in order to develop and implement it?

Action Paths

As a way to respond to the challenges imposed by the Must Haves and as a basis for structuring the business solutions, some lines of action were proposed by the specialists and the companies for each of these priority areas.

Climate Change
Basic Needs and Rights
Sustainable Production and Consumption
Land use, land-use change and food security

During the building process of Ação 2020 in 2014, approximately 20 business solution suggestions were proposed and may be prioritized and developed during 2015.