The priority area of Sustainable Production and Consumption brings together the main information on this issue in Ação 2020. The first step, after defining the priority areas, was to draw up the must-haves, based on the initial survey of information conducted by the CEBDS, consultation with specialists and examination by businesses through workshops. Discussions regarding business solutions and driving forces have already begun and some publications relating to the issue can already be accessed.


In view of the challenge of transforming patterns of production and consumption so that Brazilians enjoy a better quality of life with access to products and services with a positive social and environmental impact, Brazil should, by 2020, prioritize:

  • consolidating a new generation of economically viable [1] business models, products and services that have an increasingly positive social and environmental impact during their life cycle.
  • promoting a systemic and circular (non-linear) view of production and consumption in accordance with the National Solid Waste Policy.
  • making products and services with a more positive social and environmental impact more desirable so that consumers recognize their benefits and therefore opt for them.
[1] To achieve this it is important that external factors be incorporated, so that the costs and benefits generated for society and for ecosystems are included in the decision-making process.

Education and Empowerment of Society

All the must-haves stress the importance of the role of the education and empowerment of society. Various social actors should be involved and work to ensure that the environmental, social and economic issues prioritized by the Must Haves generate understanding and support among the Brazilian population.

Specialists Consulted

  • Alexandre Gobbo – Epea Brasil
  • Billy Nascimento – Forebrain
  • Fatima Cardoso – Eight Sustainability Platform
  • Renato Guimarães – Together
  • Luciana Aguiar – Plano CDE
  • Mario Mattos – Plano CDE
  • Claudia Pires – Specialist/Consultant

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