AÇÃO 2020

Inspired Action in 2020, the project from CEBDS is realized with the launch of this platform and aims to support the overcome of some of the major Brazilian social and environmental challenges

Ação 2020 is a platform that seeks to provide companies with a clear and accessible path in order to structure and implement business solutions for a more sustainable country. By developing this platform, CEBDS, together with its associates, endeavors to make a contribution towards meeting some of the main Brazilian environmental and social challenges by 2020.

Inspired by Action 2020, which was the brainchild of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Ação 2020 was developed by identifying society’s objectives for 2020, the so-called Must-Haves in seven priority areas of the sustainable development agenda. Responding to the challenges described in the Must-Haves and seeking to clarify the opportunities created for the companies, business solutions will be developed for implementation until 2020. In order to successfully implement the proposed solutions, the driving factors required to overcome the barriers that currently impede the implementation of such actions will also be highlighted.

The Ação 2020 platform consolidates the work begun with the launching of Visão Brasil 2050 in 2012, a set of recommendations regarding the prerequisites for arriving at the mid-point of the century with the conditions to provide wellbeing for 226 million Brazilians, within the limits established by our ecosystems.

A collaborative process

The process of developing Ação 2020 was structured in two main phases:

  • In February and March of 2014 workshops were held with renowned specialists representing civil society, academia and government in the seven areas described in Ação 2020. Starting from an initial information survey conducted by CEBDS and inspired by the global Must-Haves, the specialists drew up the first version of the Brazilian Must-Haves, producing a framework for their view of the main challenges and objectives for sustainable development in Brazil.
  • From July to October 2014, representatives of companies associated with CEBDS and invited guests got together in a series of meeting to assess and contribute to the development of the Must Haves. In addition to discussions regarding trends and studies of innovative cases, participants also worked on identifying potential business solutions, as well as a survey of the driving factors that could contribute to the success of these solutions.

The text presented here, however, is published in the name of CEBDS. This does not mean all associates and specialists involved wholly endorse its content or agree with all the proposals included.



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